Public Schools 1st Campaign

The National School Boards Action Center’s (NSBAC) Public Schools 1st campaign builds on the grassroots success we achieved during the first 100 days of the Trump Administration and the 115th Congress. During 2017-2018, NSBAC will mobilize its Friends of Public Education network, local school board members and other education stakeholders through social media to advocate at the federal, state and local levels about the importance of supporting one of our nation’s most vital institutions—public schools.


Join the conversation. Use #PublicSchools1st to make your IMPACT!

The Public Schools 1st campaign will mobilize people through a series of IMPACT Days, a unified demonstration of support using social media and digital tools. On IMPACT Days, public education advocates will be encouraged to share stories on social media about the success of public schools and the benefits of local governance and community ownership of public education. Throughout the campaign, supporters are also encouraged to take the following actions:

  • Share success stories of public schools through the National School Boards Association’s (NSBA) StandUp4PublicSchools website.
  • Inform lawmakers and the public about the robust choice programs currently in the public schools and how best to advance policies to strengthen public education.


Public Schools 1st Campaign Goals

Our goals are to:

  • Achieve a balanced dialogue about the diverse choice options public school districts offer to help students reach their full potential.
  • Level the playing field for all schools receiving public funds by holding them to the same accountability standards.
  • Authorize public funds to be used solely within public schools to advance curricula and public choice options already offered to parents and students.


Grassroots Engagement Activities

You can make a difference to strengthen support for public schools by:

  • Participating in Twitter and Facebook chats.
  • Joining in grassroots training webinars to enhance your advocacy skills.
  • Sharing public school success stories and advocacy messages on social media during IMPACT Days, using #PublicSchools1st to show your support.
  • Supporting the calls to action to drive messages to elected officials in support of public schools.