Public Schools 1st Campaign

The National School Boards Action Center (NSBAC) has continued to build on the grassroots advocacy success we achieved during the First 100 Days of the 115th Congress. Through the Public Schools 1st Campaign, NSBAC mobilized thousands of local school board members and other education stakeholders through Calls to Action and social media engagement to advocate at the federal, state and local levels about the importance of supporting one of our nation’s most vital institutions--our public schools.

NSBAC appreciates your support for the “Public Schools 1st Campaign: #MakeYourImpact.” Over the past year, your partnership has been highly effective in advancing the following legislative priorities during the 115th Congress:

  • Securing federal investments in public education that increased resources for special education, implementation of the Every Student Succeeds Act, school safety, teacher and school leader preparation and related programs;
  • Successfully opposing the diversion of federal funds from the Impact Aid Program to a voucher program during consideration of National Defense Authorization Act;
  • Increasing bipartisan support for measures to extend the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program to ensure that students will not be separated from their families and communities and that their education will not be jeopardized;
  • Protecting funding for school-based Medicaid reimbursements that help schools address student healthcare needs; and,
  • Supporting measures for financing and investment in public education and related infrastructure during tax reform negotiations.

As we prepare for the 116th Congress, NSBAC will identify key initiatives to continue this momentum and advocacy for equity and excellence in public education.