American Health Care Act: Medicaid Advocacy Toolkit

Friday, June 2, 2017

Over the past few weeks, we have communicated with several state associations that are engaging with members of their congressional delegation regarding the harmful effects of the American Health Care Act's (AHCA) Medicaid provisions. Several of you have participated in NSBA's Calls to Action and are already contacting your Senators to urge them to oppose any bill that amends the Medicaid funding structure or rollback the Medicaid expansion authorized by the Affordable Care Act.
As you expand and build upon your advocacy efforts with members of your congressional delegation, the Save our Medicaid in Schools Coalition, which NSBA is a member, has created a Medicaid Advocacy Toolkit to assist members in communicating with members of Congress.
NSBA will continue to provide resources aimed at engaging state associations and local school board members as the Senate prepares to consider a healthcare bill. However, the coalition Toolkit is another great resource at your disposal as you advocate to protect Medicaid funding for our public schools.