President-Elect Trump's Transition Update

Friday, November 18, 2016

NSBA's federal advocacy staff are actively monitoring activities of President-elect Trump's transition team, focusing on developments within education policy and matters involving the U.S. Department of Education. While the focus of the transition team, at this point, seems to be on appointments and policies related to the economy, national security and law enforcement, recent developments indicate that the team is also contemplating education related matters.

President-elect Trump is actively considering potential candidates for the position of Secretary of Education. Several nominees are reportedly being considered for the position, including: William Evers (Hoover Institution); Rep. Luke Messer (IN); Michelle Rhee (Former D.C. Chancellor); Former Governor Mitch Daniels (IN); Gerard Robinson (AEI); Gov. Scott Walker (WI); Betsy Devos (AFC); and various former and current State superintendents of public instruction.

Next, members of the transition team will be dispatched to the U.S. Department of Education to begin consulting with current employees and Obama Administration officials.  Official transition meetings within the Department will likely occur within the next two weeks and continue through the month of December. As the official transition begins to take place, Trump transition team members will begin policy and regulatory reviews to begin to identify and formulate recommendations.
NSBA has already requested a meeting with members of the Trump transition team and federal advocacy staff will continue to keep you updated on transition developments.
*Reminder*: The Congressional Review Act (CRA) provides an expedited process whereby Congress may repeal and/or stop certain regulations promulgated at the end of an administration. In September, House Republicans filed H.R. 5982, the Midnight Rules Relief Act, to amend the CRA to allow Congress to disapprove multiple regulations at once, in one legislative vehicle. You can access more information on the proposal here. Any changes to the CRA will affect how President-elect Trump's team moves forward, particularly as members of the transition team continue reviewing education-related regulations, including ESSA regulations, proposed or finalized by the Obama Administration.