Debunking the Myths About Public Education

From student achievement to policy and practices, misconceptions and misunderstanding abound about public education. The information provided by the Center for Public Education can help set the record straight.

Fact or Fiction? America's High School Graduation Rates have Flatlined Truth:
On-time graduation rate for our public high schools now stands at 80 percent— an all-time high.
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Fact or Fiction? U.S. students spend less time in school than students in other countries Truth:
U.S. does not require schools to provide less instructional time than other countries.
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Fact or Fiction? Homework is pointless and a waste of time Truth:
Homework can be a very useful exercise.
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Fact or Fiction? The impact of a teacher on student performance cannot be quantified Truth:
Quantified impact can be assessed by value-added measures
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Fact or Fiction? Classroom observations are better measures in teacher effectiveness Truth:
Test scores aren’t perfect, neither are classroom observations
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Fact or Fiction? Private voucher-like programs boost student performance Truth:
The track record on choice policies to date is really weak
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Fact or Fiction? School Choice is Proven Effective Reform Truth:
Choice, in and of itself, is not an effective strategy. It’s just a catchphrase.
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Fact or Fiction? Nationally, there's no shortage of teachers Truth:
Teacher shortages are real on various fronts
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