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First 100 Days Grassroots Campaign

Building on the momentum of NSBAC’s “Building America’s Future in Public Schools” election campaign, the First 100 Days Campaign is a national grassroots initiative to mobilize support for public education to influence the 115th Congress and the Trump Administration. The campaign is designed to:

  • Build grassroots movements and continue to grow “Friends of Public Education” to galvanize support for public schools.
  • Mobilize action to influence legislative and policy outcomes that reinforce local governance and community ownership of public education to promote excellence and equity.
  •  Promote the importance of public education through organization of political and grassroots events.

NSBAC will provide advocates with the tools, resources and trainings needed to effectively speak up before our elected officials. Visit Your Voice in First 100 Days to take action to email, tweet and Facebook Congress and the Administration!

Visit Campaign page to take action!

Why You Should Act Now

We need YOUR VOICE to stand up for public education. Public schools are the backbone of our country. It’s where our children learn, play and grow up. Public education has opened doors for many people, lifting generations from lower to middle income and from middle to higher income. It has produced some of the world’s leading artists, engineers, entrepreneurs, scientists and writers – all of them are the backbone of this world’s leading economy. 

However, misleading rhetoric coupled with budget cuts and proposals such as private school vouchers that divert essential funding from our public schools are threatening the continued success of our children in public schools.

As the 115th Congress and the Trump Administration begin charting an education agenda, NSBAC will mobilize school board members and other advocates to make sure policymakers don’t push education to the bottom of the public policy agenda or overstep their role. The First 100 Days Campaign will provide advocates with the tools, talking points and resources to speak up before our elected officials, and to motivate others to do the same. ACT NOW 

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